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For more than thirty years the Tri-State Conference has grown in size and stature. Exhibitors, advertisers and sponsors have praised the conference for its organization and effectiveness as a sales tool. We are really excited about our Annual Conference and anticipate that this conference will continue to be a tremendous success for everyone who exhibits and participates.

Businesses face challenges on many fronts including sales, marketing, finance, globalization and product/service differentiation. Included in today’s business challenge is re-engineering key HR processes and increasing alignment of HR strategy with business strategy. Our Human Resource professionals are eager to learn how your product or service will help them optimize HR processes.

Exhibitors, advertisers and sponsors return each year ready to reach out to Human Resource professionals.  The conference will be held at the Westin Mt. Laurel which provides excellent attendee flow and offers you the opportunity to share your services with our local HR Professionals. The Westin accommodates 30+ exhibitors in the Grand Hall. As always, our Conference Committee is designing the conference schedule to give exhibitors maximum exposure. In addition, exhibitors and attendees will share lunch together in the Regency Ballroom.

Our goal is to maximize your exposure and advertise your services through the Tri-State website. Conference attendees will have access to this site even after the conference!

The 2020 Conference Exhibitor Fee is $750


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Benefits Include:

  • The ability to choose your own space.
  • Two conferences attendees.
  • One 6ft. table space in the Grand Hallway.

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