About Us

Tri-State Human Resource Management Association (TSHRMA) will be the high profile recognized source for professional expertise and individual development for human resources in its operating area. It will be a member-driven SHRM affiliated chapter that continues to grow by staying on the leading edge of human resource management issues, and by being innovative and creative in meeting member needs and expectations.


Mission Statement

  1. To be proactive and responsive to the evolving needs of the membership.
  2. To be the recognized regional voice of the human resource profession.
  3. To serve as the premier quality regional affiliate of SHRM.
  4. To facilitate professional development that enables the membership to enhance their skills and proficiency, and add value to their organization.
  5. To provide the organizational structure, leadership, and resources required to insure the dynamic nature and continual improvement of the organization.
  6. To have a positive impact on the "Tri-State" community in which our members live and work.
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